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" DOUBLE EAGLE DIXIE " Jazz Band A band tailored to suit your particular event. Experienced professional musicians, playing acoustic instruments ( amplified if needed ) are never too loud for the occasion, even at small venues.

Traditional 4 or 5 piece line up trumpet, trombone, clarinet, sousa and drums. Our bass player uses the marching tuba ( sousaphone ) so that the band can be mobile, and can, if needed, wander through the audience playing requests, happy birthday, congratulations, or fanfares at the drop of the hat. The repertoire includes popular tunes of the 1920's and 30's, marches, ragtime and blues. We can wear your advertising sashes, T-shirts etc. Danny leads the band on the drums.  We also have a 5 piece Vintage band, playing mobile in Terry's genuine open vintage car for carnivals, weddings, processions etc. The Parade band is the full works ! An 8 piece band with 2 trumpets, trombone, clarinet, sousa, banjo, snare and bass drum. For twenty years " Double Eagle Dixie " has added top quality live music and style to a broad range of occasions.

New in the range of bands is the all-round band " Old Black
                             " Featuring " Jacky Linn "

This new band is specialized in all round - top 100 music for all kind of performes. A must on your party, dancing evening, dancing dinners..... The Band " Old Black " is composed with proff. and experienced musicians as Marcel ( Ex Black Five leader ) on the piano and keyboards, Chris on sax and clarinet, and Danny on drums, lead-and backing vocals.
Lead songs are for Miss " Jacky Linn " with a beautiful, experience voice, was formed in great bands as Sergio Popovski and Demis Roussos doing concerts all over the world in greatest concert halls and most famous hotels.

This is the band you need for your event : " OLD BLACK "   Ask for bookings and prices for all bands on our mobile phone +32475/23.38.83

Also in the range of bands is the  Jazz Combo - " RISKIN' SOME "   feat. " Felicia Fay This new band is specialized in better Jazz and Easy listening work for hotels, on dinners ........... and performes background music at the cocktail hour / dinner or features at the reception dance, live music infuses the room with vibrant energy. A hit at every occasion, our combo keeps your party swingin. The band is composed with proff. and experienced musicians like Danny on the piano, Johny on the bass, Chris on sax and klarinet, and also a Danny on drums.  The lead songs are for " Felicia Fay " and this beautiful, experience voice, was formed in the Musical High Schools of Maasmechelen and Brussel ( Belgium ). After that she went to Ray Mc Dermit ( Metropoliton New York ) where here voice grew up to a top act. Now she uses that all for combinations in the jazz playlist of the combo. Reference and musical highlites are concerts in Belgium, France, U.K., Germany and Spain. Felicia also worked in " The Sound of Music " by " Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen " and on the soundtrack of " Ana Temnei ". Live at the DVR Studios the band recorded a demo - cd and all organisators can have it free to hear a selection of the playlist the combo brings in concerts.   Ask for bookings and prices for all bands on our mobile phone                                               +32475/23.38.83

( Ask Danny live on stage)




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